We Represent those Injured, and the Family Members of Those Killed, in Boat, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Water Ski, and Defective Boating Equipment Accidents

Watercraft activities, such as diving, boating, rafting and jet skiing, can be extremely fun.  However, they can also be dangerous, particularly when safety rules are not followed.

Tragically, many people who would never drive and drive do not think twice about operating a boat or other watercraft device while drinking or even drunk.  As a result, others on lakes and rivers are put at a high risk from those who are intoxicated, as are the intoxicated persons themselves.

Arizona Lake and River Accident Statistics

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, there were 266 watercraft accidents involving 390 boats and 161 injuries in 2005, when they last published statistics. A significant number of watercraft accidents occur along the Arizona border and the Colorado River, including the areas of Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu.

As Arizona boating and watercraft injury lawyers, we represent those injured in:

We assist victims who are injured because of all types of negligence:

Defective Boating Products and Injuries

In addition to negligence, many boating injuries result from defective equipment, which may cause accidents, explosions, and boating burn injuries.  Common types of product defects include:

Watercraft Activities, Premises Liability, and Liability of Service Companies

Businesses that operate near the water — such as restaurants, bars, party facilities or rental companies — or businesses that operate on the water — such as a river tour companies — must exercise reasonable care for the safety of their customers, clients, and guests. If a business fails to reasonably maintain its premises or provide adequate safety from known risks – such as rocks, shallow water dangerous for diving or other hazards – the business may also be liable.

Further, businesses that offer rafting and other excursions or those that rent items such as watercraft or scuba gear must also ensure that all equipment is functioning properly.  They must also ensure that those to whom equipment, such as boats, are rented, have the requisite knowledge and certification required to operate such equipment, and that they are not intoxicated or on drugs.

Making Your Case

Our attorneys all have more than 20 years of experience representing injury victims and their families.  We offer contingency fee representation (no fees unless we recover for you), and a free initial consultation so that you can meet with us and learn about your case.  Please call us today to schedule a free initial consultation at time that is convenient for you.

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