Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyers – Who is Liable for a Bus Accident?

We represent those injured in a school bus, tour bus, party bus, and municipal/city bus accidents in the Greater Phoenix area and throughout Arizona.

Buses are typically seen as a very safe mode of operation.  However, this is not always the case.  When bus accidents occur, they are sometimes catastrophic due to the number of people injured at once and the devastating injuries inflicted.

Bus companies do not always provide safe buses or bus drivers.  Accidents are often entirely preventable, and a bus driver and bus company may incur liability because of:

The Negligence of Others in Bus Crashes

In addition to bus driver and bus company negligence, others may also be liable, including:

Ensuring Safe Operations

Because of their size and shape, it can be difficult for buses to see smaller vehicles and pedestrians on the road. It can also be difficult for other drivers to see around buses, so accidents frequently occur when impatient drivers pass a bus while it is unloading or loading passengers.

Arizona Bus Accident Statistics

Between 2000 and 2011, there were 1,245 accidents involving school buses and other school transportation, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). During that time, 1,386 people died in school bus-related crashes — an average of 139 fatalities per year. Of those fatalities, 130 involved school-age children who were either a passenger in a school transportation vehicle or struck by a bus.

Helping Clients Recover Compensation

We represent only injury victims and their families.  For more than sixty years, we have been provided dedicated and experienced representation to clients in seeking full compensation from all those responsible.  Find out more about how we can help you – contact or call us today.

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