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Vehicle accidents happen quickly and without warning.  Unfortunately, severe injuries and the associated pain and suffering can last months or even longer.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car, SUV, passenger truck, or other auto accident, or if a loved was had been killed, you need and deserve experienced personal injury attorneys who know how to advance your case.

Our Experience in Car, Passenger Truck, and Vehicle Accidents

We provide dedicated representation for the victims of car, truck, vehicle, and other accidents and their families through our experience and commitment to seeking full compensation for all clients.  All of our attorneys have been practicing personal injury law for more than 20 years, with an average legal practice experience of more than 30 years.

Dedication and a Tenacious Focus on Client Representation

Once a vehicle accident case is accepted, we have a single-minded focus on seeking to achieve client goals and objectives and to obtain complete compensation from all persons and entities liable.

Achieving a favorable result requires many hours of tenacious and detailed work to build a case for a successful settlement or victory at trial.  Defendants (and usually their insurance companies in vehicle accident cases) are usually only willing to make “nuisance value” settlement offers at the outset of a case.  By painstakingly developing a case through depositions, accident reconstructionists, medical and vocational experts, and others, we advance cases so that defendants will have two choices – pay our client a fair settlement or face the possibility of losing even more at trial.

See How We Advance the Cases of Our Clients 

Low Caseloads for High Client Service

It’s important to understand a law firm’s focus on accepting cases, as the greater the number of cases that a firm has per attorney, the less time that can be spent on each client’s case.

At our firm, we intentionally accept only a limited number of cases where we believe that we can make a difference to clients.  This limited caseload allows us to focus not only on thoroughly developing the cases of our clients, but also on being available for clients to answer their questions and to assist in the many issues that may be associated with their case.

Seeking Compensation from All Those Responsible – Who May be Liable?

There are often many contributing factors to vehicle accidents in addition just another driver. Potential contributing factors and parties can include:

The foregoing is only a partial list of categories of potential defendants.  In our investigation we will want to work meticulously to identify all of the potential responsible parties so that we can seek to hold them accountable for their share of the damages.

In accidents, we do not focus only on the other driver, as often there will be multiple people involved.  By retaining accident investigators and other experts as needed, we will identify all those who we believe bear responsibility for your damages, so that each of them can be held fully accountable.  This investigation and seeking recovery is the only way to make sure that full compensation can be obtained from all those liable.

Recovering compensation for serious injuries

Our auto accident attorneys in Phoenix represent victims of single-vehicle collisions, multi-vehicle crashes, rear end collisions, and fatal accidents. Serious auto accident injuries can be life-altering, causing significant medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Injuries commonly include:

We Work Tenaciously to Advance the Cases of Our Clients

We tenaciously represent clients before insurance adjusters and in court to ensure that these rights are protected. Through early, aggressive trial preparation, our experienced trial lawyers can greatly improve your chances of obtaining full compensation for damages and injuries related to the crash. We work hard to get you the compensation you need so you can focus on your recovery.

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We offer a free no-obligation initial consultation, and unless otherwise agreed, there is no fee for us unless you recover. Once we learn about your case we can explain how we can help.  We invite you to call us today.



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