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Dog bites are tragic.  In many cases, they are the result of owners who choose to ignore the vicious propensities of their animals.

The vast majority of dog attacks that result in serious injury and death are caused by pit bulls.  While pit bulls make up only about 6% of the dog population, they were responsible for 64% of the deaths in 2014.[1]  Together, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 74% of all dog attacks that resulted in death between 2005 and 2014.[2]

The overwhelming majority of those injured are infants, young children, the elderly, and others who are unable to defend themselves.  For many dog attack victims, the consequences can be long-lasting, not only from the physical injuries but also the psychological injuries inflicted.

In a typical attack, dogs attack the faces, necks, and arms of the victims.  As a result, infants and young children are often severely scarred for life, with many having to endure painful surgeries in order to minimize scarring.

We Take Dog and Vicious Animal Attacks Seriously

Arizona is not a one-free-bite state. Under Arizona law, dog owners and other animal owners, as well as any person who was responsible for the animal at the time of the attack, are strictly liable for any injuries or damages the animal causes.

There are exceptions to this strict liability. For example, dogs may defend themselves if the victim provoked the attack, and military and police dogs may attack people while carrying out their duties.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

If the owner of the dog failed to protect the public, you (or your family member who was injured), is entitled to compensation equal to the amount of damages suffered.  Damages can include:

Pain and suffering are determined by juries on a case-by-case basis.  A young child with severe facial disfigurement may be entitled to more damages than an adult male bit on the leg (where disfigurement is much less likely to be noticed).

We Seek to Hold Owners Fully Liable for All Damages Caused by Their Animals

We work hard to establish the full measure of damages sustained by our clients.  When necessary, we will consult and retain experts, such as psychologists and therapists, to assess the harm that has been suffered by our clients.

We will seek information for all insurance policies held by our clients that may cover the event. We will demand full and fair compensation.  If this is not forthcoming through an acceptable settlement, we will take our client’s case to a jury and let the jurors determine liability and compensation.

Owners of Vicious Animals Need to Be Held Accountable.  Call Us Today to Get Started.  



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