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We are licensed Arizona attorneys, and represent the victims of semi and interstate trucking accidents and their families in Phoenix and throughout the State of Arizona.

Often, trucking accidents involve compliance with federal rules and regulations applicable to the trucking business.  As a result, semi and other trucking accident cases are eligible to be litigated in federal court.  In these cases, on behalf of our clients, we may seek admission to practice in federal courts outside of Arizona, either with or without local counsel in such jurisdiction.

About Our Truck Accident Practice Group

At our firm, we have gained significant experience in cases involving semi and commercial collisions involving both interstate and intrastate operations. We seek full compensation for pain, suffering and other damages, from emergency medical bills to long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation, and from lost wages to lost earning capacity.

We represent clients in semi and commercial truck accidents on a contingency fee basis. Please call us so that we may learn about your case.

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