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Because of their size and weight, commercial trucks — including tractor-trailers, semis, big rigs and other large trucks — pose significant dangers to the cars and trucks with which they share the road. When these trucks are involved in accidents, they are likely to cause catastrophic injuries, temporary or permanent disabilities, and even death to the drivers and passengers in the other vehicles or to pedestrians involved.

Differences in Commercial Trucking Accident Cases and Car and Non-Commercial Trucking Cases – The Complex Federal Rules and Regulations That Apply to Commercial Truck Drivers and Companies

Litigating a commercial trucking accident case is very different than litigating a car, SUV, or other non-commercial vehicle accident case in a number of respects:

However, because most drivers are paid by the mile driven, there is a strong incentive for drivers to exceed the Hours of Service limitations in order to earn more money.  We are experienced in how drivers sometimes try to falsify logs to increase their pay by violating these regulations. 

Learn more about Hours of Service Regulations, Driver Log Requirements, and Your Case

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