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April 2016

Posted On 04/28/16

Dust Storm Dangers

Dust storms are a reality of life in the southwest. While they may be fascinating to watch from the safety of your house, they are also very dangerous when you are on the highway. During a dust storm it may become impossible to see the road itself, much less the lane markings, or any of the cars around you. One of the most well-known danger areas for dust storm activity is I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix, and the two-mile stretch near Picacho Peak is the deadliest part of Arizona’s highway system. In the past fifteen years, there have been more than 50 crashes in that area, killing more than 10...


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Posted On 04/19/16

Assaulted – What Are My Rights?

If one is assaulted by a minor, the parent may be held liable pursuant to statute for a sum up to $10,000 due to the malicious acts of their child.  Moreover, there is a possibility of collecting restitution for out of pocket expenses, which could be ordered by the court. If one is assaulted by an adult, typically the perpetrator is not financially responsible.  The question then is whether the perpetrator had homeowner’s insurance which might cover his or her actions.  Normally, insurance covers you for your negligent or reckless acts, but does not cover you for intentional acts.  There are always exceptions such as when the perpetrator was too drunk...


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