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May 2016

Posted On 05/19/16

Crime Victim Compensation For Injury

We live in a society where anger and frustration all too often leads to violence. Though the perpetrator may be criminally prosecuted, this may leave the victim without any compensation for the damages inflicted. The Court could order restitution for out of pocket expenses, but the perpetrator often in prison is usually unable to pay for serious damage suffered by the victim. At times, however, there are others that share in the culpability for the damages suffered by the victim. For instance, the following are some of the cases that I personally and successfully handled: Landlord lawsuit for assault committed by dangerous tenant. The State of Arizona sued for placing...


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Posted On 05/03/16

Title IX & Discrimination

Public Justice, America’s premier Public Interest Law Firm, has effectively utilized Title IX to convince Colleges and Universities to reinstate women’s sports teams that have been cancelled. However, Title IX, the Federal anti-discrimination law, can be used to protect against other types of discrimination. Adele Kimmel, a senior attorney with Public Justice, was quoted in the New York Times (as she has become increasingly nationally recognized as an expert in this area) in a story about how some Universities are refusing to take action against fraternities for rapes (on the theory that the fraternity is off campus). Ms. Kimmel helps explain how this kind of repulsive policy encourages violence against...


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