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5 Ways to Have a Safer Summer in Phoenix

Posted On 07/06/18

Summer is a favorite season for many – the draw of longer days, warmer weather, and summertime activities means that most of us look forward to this season all year. Because of the increase in free time, it’s not uncommon to branch out into different hobbies and activities.

But while the change in seasons brings a lot of fun, it can also bring dangers. Keep these five tips in mind:

Stay Safe While Walking

The warmer weather may encourage you to step outside and enjoy the season. No matter where you’re walking to, you’ll want to stay safe on the trip there. You should stay on the sidewalk. In areas where a sidewalk isn’t available, you should walk on the far side of the road while facing oncoming traffic to avoid pedestrian accidents.

Crossing the street properly goes a long way toward preventing accidents. You should cross the road only at designated crosswalks and look both ways before stepping on the road. When crosswalks aren’t available, you should only cross at corners.

It’s also important to stay visible while on the road. Light-colored and reflective clothing make you much more visible to drivers. Whenever walking in darker conditions, like early morning, evening, night time, and during rain, you should carry a flashlight.

Take Precautions While in the Pool

Water is a great way to stay cool, and swimming has several health benefits in addition to being fun. However, young children are at a greater risk of drowning. Make sure your kids have taken swimming classes before putting them in any body of water. You should also always keep an eye on kids when near water and never trust other children to do it for you. A split second of attention can make a big difference.

If possible, you should also learn CPR. Knowing how to do so can save someone’s life in the event of a Phoenix swimming pool accident.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

With constant sunshine during the summer, it’s necessary to give yourself proper protection. You should wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15 before any extended time outdoors. Sticking to the shade is also a great way to prevent harmful contact with the sun.

Getting a blistering sunburn can lead to several other health consequences, especially for young children. If a child starts to feel ill after getting a sunburn, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Bike Smart

Biking is another great summer activity, both for fun and exercise. Much like walking, though, it’s important to follow proper road rules. Bikers should go with the flow of traffic and yield to vehicles on the road when appropriate. It is best not to wear headphones while biking, so that you can both see and hear your surroundings.

You should also always wear a helmet while biking. In the worst scenarios, bicycle accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries. A well-fitting helmet rides low on the forehead and has two fingers width between the helmet and the eyebrows.

Avoid Dehydration

As temperatures spike higher, overheating can be a big problem. The best way to avoid that is to always stay hydrated. Water is one of the best ways to keep hydrated, but other drinks can do the job as well. You also want to avoid overly sugary drinks, such as sodas, as they do little to provide nutrients to the body.

Children often don’t ask for something to drink until they are already dehydrated. You should never wait and instead offer plenty to drink before, during, and after any outside activities.

With the proper precautions, we can all keep summertime safe and fun for everyone!