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A Speeding Vehicle Hits Unsuspecting Pedestrians

Posted On 12/06/12

A driver speeding excessively at 60 mph over the speed limit crashed into several vehicles hit a man getting out of his truck, lost control and slammed into a group of people in their front yard. The vehicle, determined to be a white Honda Accord slammed into the group of people while they were barbequing in their front yard. The damage caused by the Accord stretched for 2 blocks, and seven vehicles were damaged in the incident as well. Three people were transported to the hospital; two are in very critical condition. Police report that the driver responsible was impaired.

This type of news is always distressing.  As strong supporters of MADD, Begam& Marks is in the fight against impaired driving and the devastating injuries it can cause and the lives that can be ruined.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an incident involving an impaired driver please call Begam & Marks immediately for representation.  As strong supporters of MADD, we could not agree more with Morgan’s sentiments on the needless waste of lives that accompanies impaired driving.