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April Product Recalls

Posted On 05/01/19

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) collects and reports product recall data in the United States to help consumers track potentially dangerous products.

Once a manufacturer identifies a defect or dangerous issue with a consumer product, the manufacturer must take appropriate steps to resolve the issue and prevent injuries to consumers. This usually involves a recall of some kind, during which the manufacturer attempts to retrieve compromised products and offer replacements or refunds. Alternatively, the manufacturer may send consumers missing parts, instruction manuals, or other materials to resolve their products’ defects.

April 2019 Product Recalls

The CPSC updates the most recent recall data on a regular basis, and recently published the most recent recall data for April of 2019. If you believe you purchased any product listed as recalled by the manufacturer, reach out to the manufacturer to determine your available options for a repair, replacement, or refund.

April 2

John Deere recalled their utility tractor attachment kits due to an injury hazard. The manufacturer did not include the Owner’s Manual which contains directions for proper fitting of these attachments. Consumers can reach out to John Deere for free copies of the Owner’s Manual and the company is also contacting purchasers directly to issue their Owner’s Manuals.

Ocean Reef recalled their Neptune Space Integrated Diving Masks due to a problem with the regulator, which may restrict airflow. Consumers should stop using these products immediately and contact Ocean Reef for full refunds, replacement, or repair.

April 3

Matco Tools recalled their wireless chargers due to a burn hazard. The company is accepting full refunds and replacements.

Quality Bikes recalled bicycles due to a manufacturing defect with the bicycle’s fork legs, creating an injury hazard. Quality Bikes is offering free replacements and installations for defective fork legs.

April 4

Vivitar recalled their hot and cold massage balls due to a burn hazard. These items can rupture when heated, causing severe burns. Target is the exclusive retailer for these products and consumers can visit any Target location for a full refund.

April 9

Marpac recalled their sound machines due to a burn hazard. The internal electronic components may short and cause burning injuries. Consumers should immediately unplug and stop using these products and contact the manufacturer for a full refund.

April 10

KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles recalled various motorcycles due to a crash hazard from a defective throttle. Consumers can contact any KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles branch to arrange a free repair.

April 11

Dick’s Sporting Goods recalled their hunter tree stands due to a falling hazard from defective welding. Consumers can visit any Dick’s Sporting Goods location for a full refund with a receipt for a refund in store credit without a receipt.

April 12

Fisher Price recalled almost five million units of their Rock ‘n Play Sleepers due to an infant death hazard. Infants left unrestrained in these units can roll over and suffocate, prompting the manufacturer to recall these products and offer full refunds. If you own one of these products, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer.

April 15

H&M recalled their children’s bathrobes due to a violation of the Federal Flammability Standard. Consumers can contact H&M for a full refund plus a $20 store gift card.

April 18

Tekno recalled their Tuff Smoke-less grills due to fire and burn hazards from these grills overheating. Consumers should return these products to the retailers that sold them for full refunds.

Target recalled wooden toy vehicles due to a choking hazard. Consumers should stop using these products immediately and return them to their nearest Target location for full refunds. 

April 25

Viessmann recalled their boilers due to a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard. The boiler heat exchange back plate may corrode and leak, causing a serious carbon monoxide hazard. Consumers can arrange free repairs through the manufacturer and may continue using these boilers while awaiting repairs, but they should install a carbon monoxide detector in the home while waiting.

These are just some of the most recent product recalls in the U.S. If you or a loved one purchased any of these products, contact the manufacturer to arrange for a refund, replacement, or repair as needed.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from any of the products on this list or any other defective consumer product, reach out to a product liability attorney to discuss your legal options.