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Phoenix ATV Accident Attorney

Proving Liability in Accidents

All-terrain vehicles — ATVs — are used throughout Arizona for recreation.  Most ATV riders are safe and take great care to avoid accident and injury – either to themselves or others.  Because most ATV riders expect a day of fun, it can be especially devastating when an ATV accident causes serious or even fatal injuries. If you have been injured in an all-terrain vehicle accident due to another’s negligence or faulty equipment and design, the Phoenix ATV accident lawyers at Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A. can help.

When ATV accidents occur resulting in serious injury or even death, it’s important to understand the cause or causes of the accident, and to determine who may be liable.  In many instances, more than one person or entity may be at fault.  Potentially liable parties can include:

We Carefully Investigate the ATV Accidents of Our Clients to Identify Those Responsible

Often, we will retain accident investigators to assist in determining fault. We will also interview and depose witnesses, other drivers, and other key people involved in the accident.  It is our goal to understand all aspects of the accident so that we can seek to hold all those responsible for their full share of liability based upon their actions or negligence.

We understand how traumatic an ATV accident is for victims and surviving family members. We assist victims by seeking compensation for injuries caused by dangerous and defective ATV design that leads to serious or fatal rollover, as well as defective manufacturing or the negligence of other drivers.

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