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August Product Recalls (2019)

Posted On 09/16/19 by Arizona Trial Attorneys

Dangerously designed, manufactured or marketed products injure and kill thousands of people every year. Although it is up to a manufacturing company to ensure the safety of its products, many mistakes slip through the cracks – either due to negligence or intentional attempts to save money. Defective products can contain serious problems that result in fires, explosions, electric shocks, lacerations, broken bones and many other damages. Keeping up with the latest product recalls in 2019 can help you stay away from dangerous or defective items.

Super Jumper Trampolines

Super Jumper Inc. has recalled about 23,000 trampolines due to potential fall risks. The recalled trampolines are 14 feet wide, with metal legs that may contain a defect. Super Jumper reports the welds on the legs can fail, resulting in collapsing trampoline legs and related fall risks and injury hazards. The company issued the recall after receiving 97 reports of the welds breaking. Four consumers suffered minor injuries.

BRP Snowmobiles

BRP issued a recall of 14,600 Summit X 850 E-TEC snowmobiles for potential problems with fuel leaks, presenting a fire hazard. The recommended remedy is for owners to stop using the snowmobiles and to bring them in for repairs. The company received 15 reports of fuel leaks and two reports of related fires, with no injuries.

SunSetter Vinyl Motorized Awning Covers

SunSetter recalled its motorized wall-mounted awning covers for repairs due to a serious defect. The awning can open unexpectedly when a user removes the cover, posing a fall hazard. The recall affects about 270,000 units in the U.S. and 11,000 in Canada. The models included in the recall are the Motorized, Motorized XL, Motorized PRO, Motorized PROXL and Oasis.

SunSetter is instructing consumers with the recalled awning covers not to try to take them down or fix them, but to contact the company for further instructions. The company received 14 reports of incidents, with six injuries and one death. A 73-year-old victim died after the awning struck him and caused him to fall off a balcony.

SSR Motorsports Motorcycle

SSR Motorsports has recalled 420 units of its SR70 Auto motorcycle for a front fork assembly that can fail during use. This defect could cause the rider to lose control of the off-road motorcycle and cause a motorcycle crash. Three reports of the assembly failing while in use have come to SSR’s attention, along with two minor injuries. The company instructs consumers to stop using the motorcycle and to contact their local dealers for free repairs.

Southwire Electrical Outlet Boxes

Southwire has recalled its Garvin pop-up floor box kit due to a potential fire hazard. The pop-up outlet boxes may overheat while in use, potentially causing fires. The recall involves about 3,000 units, all with stainless steel or brushed brass finishes. Southwire has reported three incidents involving overheating floor boxes, with no fires or injuries. The remedy is a full refund.

Contigo Kids Water Bottles

Contigo has recalled about 5.7 million kids cleanable water bottles with black spout covers and black spout bases. The water bottles contain a defect that could cause the silicone spout to detach from the base, posing a choking hazard. Contigo is offering to replace the spout cover and bases on affected water bottles for free. Contigo issued the recall after almost 150 reports of the clear spouts detaching, including 18 cases of parents finding the spouts in their children’s mouths.

Decathlon USA Carabiners

Decathlon USA recalled about 50 Rocky Screwgate carabiners (yellow) due to a potential failure from an incorrect assembly. The problem could cause serious injuries or deaths if the carabiner unlocks while in use. So far, the company has not received any reports of incidents or injuries. It is recommending consumers immediately stop using the carabiners and return them to Decathlon for full refunds.