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Calculating Pain and Suffering for Burn Injuries

The pain from burn injuries is horrific. Anyone who has sustained even a minor burn knows well how incredibly painful even a very small burn can be.

As Phoenix burn injury lawyers, a key aspect of our representation is communicating to a jury the full degree of pain and suffering endured. There are four primary components associated with burn injury cases:

We Help Juries Understand the Full Measure of Pain and Suffering Endured

In order to properly compensate a burn injury victim for pain and suffering, jurors must understand the full extent of the pain and suffering experienced in the past, as well as that likely to be suffered in the future. To provide this critical information, in addition to the testimony of our client, our injury lawyers often additionally introduce the testimony of medical experts to describe required physical treatment, as well as psychologists who can provide an opinion on mental and emotional pain and suffering. In many cases video is also helpful to show what a burn injury victim must go through on a daily basis, as well as the treatment that must be endured.

There is no set formula which juries must use to determine a monetary amount for pain and suffering in cases involving burn injuries, other than their calculation should be based upon the evidence introduced at trial. In our experience, jurors will consider a wide range of factors, such as:

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