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Cargill Beef Recalling Thousands of Pounds of Ground Beef After is Sickens 10 in Vermont

Posted On 10/03/15

Consumers were alerted last week that Cargill Beef is voluntarily recalling 29,339 pounds of ground beef that may contain salmonella. The 85 percent lean ground beef was produced in Pennsylvania on May 25 and packaged to sale to customers. Consumers are urged to check the expiration dates on their ground beef to look for any beef that is “use or sell by” May 29- June 16. Cargill Beef is offering a full refund. If you or a loved one has been sickened after consuming the Cargill ground beef please call Begam & Marks for representation. The firm has handled a number of contaminated food cases involving meat and produce, and we understand how important it is to the client to get their claim settled as quickly as possible.