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Dog Bites

Posted On 10/07/19

Arizona Dog Bite Law Euthanasia

Dog bites can be devastating personal injuries. Dog bites have killed hundreds of victims in the U.S. over the years. Animal attacks have caused thousands of life-altering personal injuries. One of the most common questions asked after a serious dog bite incident in Arizona is, “Will the city put the dog down?” Whether you are a dog bite victim or a pet owner, it is important to know where Arizona stands on dog euthanasia laws after attacks. How Animal Control Responds to Dog Attacks A dog attack victim should call the local animal control center for an investigation of the event if the injuries are serious. If the bite punctures...


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Posted On 09/23/19

Arizona Leash Law

It is against the law in Arizona to allow a dog to run at large in public places. Dogs running at large could pose risks such as dog bite injuries, as well as other incidents, such as dogs jumping on people. For this reason, Arizona has a statewide leash law all pet owners must obey. Some municipalities, including the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County, have also passed leash laws to better protect citizens from animal attacks. All dog owners must learn and abide by applicable state and local leash laws. What Is Arizona’s Leash Law? Arizona’s leash law restricts if and when a pet owner may allow his or...


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