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Drunk Driving

Posted On 07/29/19

Arizona Hit-and-Run Laws

A hit-and-run accident can cause a lot of damage, yet the at-fault party does not stay to take accountability for his or her actions. In the most recent year data is available, police received reports of about 737,100 hit-and-run cases in the country. 2016 had the most hit-and-run deaths on record (2,049) in the U.S. Learning Arizona’s hit-and-run laws could help you understand your rights as a victim. You may still be able to receive compensation even without knowing the identity of the at-fault party. What Is a Hit-and-Run? Every state has duties of care drivers owe after causing car accidents. Arizona Revised Statutes 28-663 is the state’s law regarding...


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Posted On 03/07/17

Dram Shop Liability

Customers at bars and restaurants who drink alcoholic beverages should not be "overserved."  In fact, establishments that serve alcohol are supposed to train servers, both bartenders and food servers, on appropriate amounts of alcohol to serve any patron and to be able to recognize when a customer has had too much to drink.  In order to get a liquor license in Arizona, the owner of the license must agree to serve alcohol in a legally responsible manner.  The purpose of this law is to prevent drunk drinkers from becoming drunk drivers who leave the bar and could seriously injure other innocent drivers. When a drunk driver injures someone else, not only can the...


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