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Motorcycle Accidents

Posted On 03/18/19

How to Crash a Motorcycle Safely

Motorcycle crashes are dangerous, and motorcycles offer their operators very little in the way of physical protection in a crash. No doors and no frame are present to absorb the force of impact, and a motorcyclist may only have seconds to react when a crash is imminent. Sometimes, instead of attempting to avoid a crash it is actually safer to attempt to control the crash, but you need to know how to crash a motorcycle safely. Understand the Risks Before even riding your motorcycle, you must acknowledge the inherent dangers of using it. A motorcycle has two wheels instead of the usual four, meaning less physical contact with the road,...


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Posted On 03/06/19

How to Prevent Phoenix Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly dangerous for riders; a motorcycle offers very little for the rider in the way of crash protection. If you ride in Phoenix, it is crucial to avoid accidents however possible. A motorcycle accident can lead to serious injuries, expensive property damage, and possibly even permanent disabilities. A few tips from our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers can help you prevent motorcycle accidents in Phoenix. Take a Motorcycle Safety Class Muscle memory is important for any type of driving, and drivers and motorcyclists can be safer on the road by taking professional driving classes. You may be able to secure a motorcycle license with minimal effort, but the...


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