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Personal Injury

Posted On 08/22/18

What is Dry Drowning?

As summer heats up in Arizona, families are looking for any way to beat the heat. As a result, area pools and lakes are filled with people looking to cool off and enjoy what’s left of the season. Around this time of year, we hear stories about people, primarily children, suffering from “dry drowning”. What does this term mean, and should you be concerned? Here’s what to watch out for – and how to prevent dry drowning from happening to your child. Dry Drowning Explained Dry drowning occurs when a child inhales water through the nose or mouth. This can cause a spasm in the airway that leads to difficulty...

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Posted On 08/21/18

Arizona Swimming Pool Liability Laws

Swimming pools are a fact of life in Arizona, given our sunny, hot climate. Unfortunately, drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children between the ages of one and four. In 2011, this age group represented more than half of the 32 drowning fatalities in the state. The vast majority of these deaths — 81 percent — occurred in a swimming pool. Surviving a near-drowning is also dangerous, since being underwater too long can result in brain damage. To address this problem, Arizona requires every residential property owner with a pool to implement strict safety measures. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) urges all pool owners to...

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Posted On 08/15/18

Arizona Victims of Sexual Assault Can Now Break Their Leases Without Penalty

Victims of sexual assault often have a long road to recovery ahead of them. Even after the physical injuries heal, victims of sexual violence must recuperate mentally and emotionally, a process that can take several months or more. Previously, victims could face impediments to this recovery process for practical reasons, such as being stuck in a lease with their abusers. Now, a new Arizona law aims to change all that: learn about the new law and how victims can effectively get away from their abusers by reading below. New Options for Victims of Sexual Violence Starting in August, any Arizona residents who endured sexual assault in their apartments or rented...

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Posted On 08/08/18

5 Tips for Summer Driving in Arizona

Summer can be one of the most dangerous times for driving in Arizona, especially as monsoon season sets in. This volatile season means that weather can change in an instant and can bring everything from high winds and torrential rainfall to dust storms. However, monsoons aren’t the only summer driving hazard in the state. Follow these simple summer driving tips to protect yourself and your family in Arizona this season. Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced Few places in the country get hotter than Arizona in the peak of summertime. As such, it’s essential to check on your air conditioning systems once a season. Lack of air conditioning on a hot...

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Posted On 07/06/18

5 Ways to Have a Safer Summer in Phoenix

Summer is a favorite season for many – the draw of longer days, warmer weather, and summertime activities means that most of us look forward to this season all year. Because of the increase in free time, it’s not uncommon to branch out into different hobbies and activities. But while the change in seasons brings a lot of fun, it can also bring dangers. Keep these five tips in mind: Stay Safe While Walking The warmer weather may encourage you to step outside and enjoy the season. No matter where you’re walking to, you’ll want to stay safe on the trip there. You should stay on the sidewalk. In areas...

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Posted On 06/25/18

Understanding Fourth-Degree Burns

What Are Fourth-Degree Burns? Fourth-degree burns are the most severe burns and include extensive damage of the skin, muscles, and bone. These burns are most often fatal, but recent medical advances have started to make it possible to save those suffering from fourth-degree burns. These burns require immediate medical attention to ensure survival. Symptoms of a Fourth-Degree Burn A fourth-degree burn will go beyond the three layers of skin and begin to affect muscles, ligaments, and even bone. Some medical professionals will further classify these burns into fourth, fifth, and sixth-degree injuries, indicating the exact extent of the damages. Charring can occur in third-degree burns, but it is mostly one...

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