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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted On 10/29/18

Halloween is right around the corner – and while that means prepping your costume and decorating your house for trick-or-treaters, it also means avoiding potential personal injury accidents. Fall is a deadly time of year in terms of accidents and injuries. Knowing a few Halloween safety tips could keep you and your loved ones out of the hospital. Start with this list of suggestions for staying safe from our team of Phoenix personal injury lawyers.

Be a Smart Pedestrian

Pedestrian safety tips are a must if you or a member of your family is planning on trick-or-treating this Halloween. In 2016, traffic and non-traffic accidents took the lives of 7,330 pedestrians in the United States. “Non-traffic” pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots, driveways, and private property. On Halloween, the risks of pedestrian accidents significantly increase. Walking around at night and the possibility of drunk drivers makes Halloween night dangerous for vulnerable road users.

Wear or dress your children in brightly colored costumes if possible. This can increase your visibility to drivers at night. Attaching reflective strips to costumes can also help. Stick to sidewalks and crosswalks whenever you can, even if the neighborhood welcomes trick-or-treaters. Always look both ways when crossing the street. Don’t assume drivers see you or will stop to yield you the right of way. Instead, be extra cautious when walking near vehicles.

Supervise Child Halloween Activities

A responsible, sober adult should always accompany children during Halloween parties, events, or trick-or-treating. Unaccompanied children are more prone to stepping out in front of traffic, darting from behind parked cars, wandering too far away, and other dangerous behaviors. Map out a safe trick-or-treating route ahead of time. If your children are going with someone else, make sure they bring cell phones and have a curfew by which they must return home. Children should always stick to well-known neighborhoods and well-lit areas.

Prevent Fire Hazards

Over a four-year period, an average of 860 house fires per year stemmed from ignited Halloween decorations. Most of these incidents occurred because of candles. Help prevent fires and serious burn injuries by using battery-powered candles or glowsticks for decorations, especially in jack-o-lanterns. Don’t put fabrics, curtains, crepe paper, dried flowers, or cornstalks near sources of heat or flame. Use flame-retardant fabrics to create costumes. Keep exits free and clear in case of an emergency. Double check that all smoke alarms are working.

Keep Your Wits About You

Driving, walking, or biking under the influence can be deadly – for others and yourself. Halloween parties might be the highlight of your holiday, but make sure you drink responsibly. If you’re in charge of supervising children, don’t drink at all. Otherwise, drink in moderation to keep yourself safe – especially if you’re around strangers. If possible, take a friend with you to a party or Halloween event. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Instead, take a taxi or an Uber. Staying sober can keep you in control of your actions, where you go, and what you do.

Improve the Safety of Your Property

Phoenix premises liability accidents, such as slips and falls, collapsing structures, and swimming pool accidents, are preventable if you’re a safe and prudent property owner. If you’re hosting a Halloween party or welcoming trick-or-treaters to your front stoop, make sure you’ve done your duty to maintain safe premises. This means inspecting your property for hidden hazards, repairing hazards you find, and warning visitors of potential dangers that still exist.

Don’t let Halloween decorations, such as fake spiderwebs or slime, present an unreasonable risk of harm to invited guests. Otherwise, you could end up liable for guest accidents and injuries. Prevent slip, trip and, fall hazards; put up barriers blocking your pool from wandering children; corral all animals on your property; and take other such steps to make sure Halloween stays “fun” scary, not real scary. If anything does go wrong, contact Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A as soon as possible. Our Phoenix accident attorneys want to help victims of negligence in Arizona.