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June Product Recalls 2019

Posted On 07/25/19

Defective products pose serious risks to consumers. One minute a baby could be chewing on a toy and the next a piece of it could be lodged in the infant’s throat. This is just one example of many things that could go wrong while using defective or dangerous products. One of the best ways to protect your household from defective products is to keep up with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall list. Here is a brief overview of some of the recalled items for June 2019.

Generation Brands Light Fixture

Generation Brands recalled its Small Stratton glass pendant light fixture due to a risk of the glass fixture separating from the electrical cord and falling. This defect poses an impact injury risk to consumers who could be beneath the light. The brand is offering free fixture repairs through Tech Lighting for consumers who schedule them.

Two Polaris ROVs

On June 4th, Polaris recalled two of its recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs) for crash and injury hazards: the RZR XP 4 Turbo S and the Ranger EV. The RZR has defective brakes that may fail during use. A wiring issue with the Ranger EV could cause the vehicle to abruptly accelerate, potentially causing a crash. So far these defects have caused several accidents and two injuries. Polaris dealers will arrange cost-free repairs on defective ROVs.

Cushy Form Folding Mattress

Sold exclusively at, the Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress does not meet federal fire safety standards. The June 11th recall says that while no one has reported fires or injuries, the $109 mattress is more flammable than is the standard for mattresses. The remedy is a free fitted liner shipped directly to customers to bring the mattresses up to code.

Target Unicorn Toddler Boots

If you purchased a pair of Cat & Jack “Lilia” Rain Boots, return them to Target for a refund immediately. They may be unsafe for children due to a choking hazard. The fuchsia unicorn horn on the front of the boots can detach according to reports from 11 consumers. Luckily, no one has reported any injuries.

Home Meridian Cabinet

The White Copeland Corner Curios cabinet by Home Meridian sold exclusively at Havertys could tip over and cause personal injuries. It also contains a defect that poses an entrapment risk for children. This defect could lead to serious and fatal child injuries. The company has received one report of a tip-over incident involving injuries to a child. Consumers should contact Havertys to pick up the $500 cabinet for store credit or a full refund.

H.E. Industry Electric Garage Heater

Warming up your garage could lead to a serious house fire due to a defect with the Profusion Heat HA22-48M electric heater. According to the recall notice, this electric garage heater has a defective element that may overheat and catch fire. The company created 8,500 units. The recall states to stop using the heaters immediately and contact H.E. Industrial for a refund.

Honeywell Fire Alarm

A June 21st recall regarding the –IV Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Sensor by Honeywell says the sensor may malfunction and fail to warn consumers of a fire. People in a commercial building may not receive a warning from the defective fire alarm in time to safely evacuate. The company is offering free replacement photoelectric fire alarms to affected consumers.


Leading up the Fourth of July holiday, several firework brands issued recalls on their products toward the end of June. These recalls involved 22 different models from Patriot Pyrotechnics/Bill’s Fireworks, 18 fireworks from Grandma’s Fireworks and 26 from GS Fireworks. Defective fireworks could pose risks of fires, explosions and burns. One 8-year-old child lost his hand from a defective Grandma’s Fireworks Talon rocket. Consumers can return their purchased fireworks for full refunds.