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March Product Recalls

Posted On 04/10/19

Every product manufacturer has a legal obligation to ensure all consumer products meet claimed performance standards, perform as intended, and do not pose unreasonable risks to end users through normal use. If a product manufacturer discovers a defect in a product, the manufacturer must issue a recall for affected units and coordinate repairs, replacements, or refunds for end users who purchased the defective products. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tracks and publishes all consumer product recall information for easy access for the public.

Recent Consumer Product Recalls

The following products have been recalled by their manufacturers in March 2019. If you recently purchased any of these products, be sure to look up the manufacturer’s contact information to coordinate a repair, replacement, or refund for affected items.

March 5: Arctic Cat Textron Off-highway Utility Vehicles

The manufacturer recalled various models of the Arctic Cat Textron due to rollover crash hazards, fuel line leaks, and fire hazards. The company is contacting purchasers directly to handle the recall.

March 8: TJX Heating Pads

The manufacturer of these devices exclusively sells them at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, and the company issued a recall for a fire hazard from overheating.

March 12: HP Battery Recall

Technology manufacturer HP expanded a previous recall for workbook computers and workstation battery packs due to overheating, potentially causing burns or fires.

March 13: H-E-B Sauté Pans Recall

H-E-B recalled sauté pans due to a laceration hazard; the glass lid can shatter and cause severe cuts. H-E-B is currently making full refunds.

March 14: Kawasaki Off-Highway Utility Vehicles

Kawasaki recalled these vehicles for a fuel leak and fire hazard, and the company is contacting consumers directly to arrange free repairs.

March 14: Brush Art WIC Nutrition Plates

The manufacturer marketed these products as microwave-safe, but the plates contain aluminum and pose a serious fire risk if microwaved.

March 14: O’Brien Watersports Water Skis

O’Brien Watersports recalled these devices due to a severe injury risk from the skis detaching during a fall, causing the user to hit the water at high speed.

March 14: Tech Gear 5.7 Performance Heated Socks

The manufacturer identified a fire hazard with these products if end users used charging cables other than the included cables to charge the devices.

March 19: Weatherbeeta USA Riding Saddles

This outdoor product manufacturer recalled these saddles for a falling risk. Screws in the saddle were made too small, causing the girth of the saddle to detach from the saddle tree. The company is coordinating free repairs and refunds for affected units.

March 19: myStromer Electric Bicycles

These bikes pose a crash and injury risk to users due to a defective bicycle stem. The company is contacting individual purchasers to arrange refunds.

March 20: Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers

The manufacturer recalled these lawn care vehicles for a fire hazard from defective internal electronic components and is contacting consumers directly to arrange repairs and refunds.

March 20: American Honda Portable Generators

Honda recalled these devices due to a problem with the fuel valve causing a fire and burn risk. Customers can contact a local Honda Power Equipment service dealer or the manufacturer directly for a refund or replacement.

March 27: Cambridge Elevating Home Elevators

Cambridge Elevating recalled these devices due to a defect with the door locking mechanism, causing the landing floor door to unlock without the elevator car present, posing a serious falling hazard. The company is offering to arrange free repairs through certified local technicians.

March 28: Interline Brands Swivel Fittings

The company is offering free repairs and reinstallation of devices fitted with the defective swivel fittings as the company has identified a defect causing the fittings to leak, posing a serious fire hazard.

March 28: Midwest-CBK Baby Rattle Socks

Manufacturer Midwest-CBK recalled these products due to a choking hazard. Small parts of these socks could separate from the socks and pose a serious choking hazard to infants and toddlers. The company is offering full refunds for any customer who purchased affected socks.

These are just a few of the products recalled during March 2019. If you notice any of your recent purchases on this list, reach out to the manufacturer as soon as possible to rectify the situation. If a defective product injured you or caused other damages in Arizona, consult with an experienced Phoenix product liability attorney about possible legal options.