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May Product Recalls 2020

Posted On 06/24/20 by Begam Marks & Traulson, PA

Manufacturers and distributors are not always as careful as they should be in designing and producing consumer products. This leads to products with dangerous and often harmful defects. The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps up with the latest known defective products to enhance buyer safety. It tracks product recalls announced by companies and federal safety organizations. Check the latest product recalls for May 2020 to find out if you have a dangerous item in your home.

Essential Oils – Child Poisoning Hazard

Several new essential oils made the May recall list due to a shared defect: caps that do not meet the federal child-resistant packaging requirement. These products contain chemicals that could be hazardous to children if swallowed. Packages that are not child-resistant in the recalled brands could pose a risk of child poisoning.

Most companies involved in essential oil recalls recommend consumers who purchased the products to store them in a safe place out of reach of children. Consumers can then contact the companies for full refunds. All companies are contacting known purchasers directly.

Bellman & Symfon Flash Receivers – Failure to Warn

Some flash receivers developed by Bellman & Symfon have a defect in which the backup battery does not fully charge, exposing users to the risk of the receiver not working in the event of an emergency. Defective receivers may not flash as intended, failing to warn a hearing-impaired person of an emergency such as a fire. The recommended remedy is to contact the company immediately to schedule a free repair. In the meantime, consumers should keep the receivers plugged in to avoid issue.

Modular Robotics Rechargeable Battery Packs – Burn Hazard

A defect with rechargeable battery packs from Modular Robotics could cause the item to overheat, potentially burning consumers. The company recommends the immediate disuse of the battery packs, as well as contacting Modular Robotics for a free replacement. Another item recalled in May 2020 due to the potential to overheat and cause burn injuries (as well as fires) is the Epson power adapter, sold with Epson scanners.

Furniture and Chests – Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards

Three different furniture manufacturers recalled products due to tip-over and entrapment hazards. The recalled pieces do not meet the federal safety requirements.

  1. Prepac recalled its four-drawer chests in black, white and oak finishes (about 21,000 units).
  2. Hodedah recalled about 26,500 units of its HI4DR four-drawer chests.
  3. Herman Miller and Design Within Reach also recalled dressers, as well as cabinets, for the same reason.

All companies involved say the furniture can tip over if not anchored to the wall, potentially entrapping children. Recommendations are to keep the furniture away from children until the company can either send someone to pick it up or mail out free anchor kits.

Children’s Toys and Products – Various Hazards

Several items designed for children made May’s recall list. These include Flybar’s Swurfer Baby and Toddler Swing due to a fall hazard, Bunz Kidz Children’s Sleepwear Sets due to a burn hazard and Sobeauty Mag Cube Magnetic Ball Sets. Flybar recalled its swing due to an issue with the plastic piece that holds the seat in place. The piece can detach, causing the seat and its occupant to fall. The remedy is to immediately stop using the swing and contact the company for repair instructions.

Bunz Kidz had to recall its sleepwear set for children because it did not meet the federal flammability standards. The sleepwear is either too loose fitting and/or not flame resistant, posing a risk of burn injuries to children. The remedy is to take the clothing away from children and contact Stargate Apparel for a refund. Sobeauty recalled its magnetic ball set due to the possibility of ingestion. If ingested, the balls could cause permanent child intestinal injuries or death. If you or someone you love has injuries from a defective or recalled product, contact a product liability lawyer in Arizona for a free consultation.