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Motorcycle Accidents Increase in Arizona

Posted On 12/02/13

Stricter enforcement of traffic laws and effective public education efforts may be responsible for the decrease in the number of traffic accidents and fatalities across the nation. For example, even with more vehicles on the road and more registered drivers, the total number of motor vehicle crashes in Arizona fell from 120,557 in 2008 to 103,176 in 2012. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents do not show the same trend.

In 2008, there were 141 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents. The number fell to 85 in 2009, but two years later, the number was up again to 139. Many other states noticed the same trend, though no clear explanation accounts for the change. Some possibilities include:

  • Worsening of road conditions
  • Increase in distracted driving
  • Lack of helmet law in Arizona

Some experts think fewer motorcycle fatalities would occur if Arizona made it illegal to ride without a helmet. Currently, only those under the age of 18 are required to do so. Wearing a helmet does give a motorcyclist a better chance of surviving a crash but it does not address the primary problem. Contrary to popular belief, most collisions involving a motorcycle are the fault of the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle, with the motorcyclist suffering serious injury or death. Many drivers simply fail to see someone on a motorcycle.

Careless or distracted drivers who collide with a motorcycle should be held accountable for damages to the injured party, especially when the injuries are severe. The skilled motorcycle accident attorneys at Begam & Marks build strong cases for our clients and fight hard to secure the compensation they have a right to receive.