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November Product Recalls

Posted On 12/14/18

It is important for American consumers to keep track of recent product recalls in case they may have purchased recalled products. If a consumer suffers injuries or other damages from a recalled product, he or she may have grounds for a product liability claim against the product manufacturer. If you believe you have a product liability claim, speak with an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney to learn more about securing compensation for your injuries.

The following is a list of the products recalled by manufacturers in November of 2018 maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Black and Decker Hammer Drills

Black and Decker recalled these drills due to a defect in the side handle that could cause it to slip and break, causing loss of control and potential for injury.

Pain Relief Naturally Itch and Pain Relief Creams

The manufacturer of these products failed to use child-resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. These products are toxic and potentially fatal to small children.

Glacier Bay Home Cabinets from MCS Industries, Sold Exclusively by Home Depot

The mirrors attached to these medicine cabinets can detach from the doors and cause serious laceration injuries.

Kubota Compact Tractors and Mowers

A defect within the pressurized coolant tanks in these devices can cause hot coolant to spray onto users after overheating, posing a severe burn hazard.

Ultra-Low NOx Water Heaters from A.O. Smith

The manufacturer recalled these water heater units due to a discovered fire risk. The burners in these units pose a severe fire risk due to ambient heat if installed on wood or flammable surfaces.

30 Gallon Gas Water Heaters From A.O. Smith

This A.O. Smith product is another serious fire hazard due to a defective flame arrestor.

Mountain Warehouse Children’s Water Bottles

The manufacturer recalled these products due to a choking hazard. If the spout detaches, a small ring included in the product design poses a significant choking hazard to small children.

Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles From American Honda

Honda recalled about 50,000 units of ROVs due to a severe fire hazard from improperly installed throttle assemblies.

Lifetone Fire Alarm/Alarm Clocks

The manufacturer has recalled these devices for failure to meet advertised expectations. These alarm clock/fire alarm hybrid electronic products have consistently failed to fully alert users to the presence of fires.

I.S Girls’ Clothing

Some clothing sets produced by this manufacturer included metal pendants that have lead levels exceeding acceptable levels, posing a risk of lead poisoning to small children who wear the pendants.

Log Splitters From YTL International

The splitting assemblies on these devices have a chance to crack and detach from the rest of the unit, causing severe injuries to users.

LILLEbaby Child Carriers

The chest straps included in these child harnesses are defective, causing them to detach from the shoulder straps and allowing the child in the harness to fall.

Metal-Wrapped Coffee Tables From Restoration Hardware

The manufacturer recalled these items due to lead content exceeding acceptable levels.

HoMedics Giraffe Nightlights

The feet of these giraffe-shaped nightlights can detach from the nightlight and pose a serious choking risk to small children.

Seabreeze International Bathroom Heaters

About 5,000 of these units include faulty safety cutoff switches that can cause the heaters to rapidly overheat, creating a fire hazard.

Öhlins Bicycle Forks for Specialized Bicycles

The manufacturer has recalled these devices due to defective air cartridges in the stanchion tubes. The cartridges may eject from their tubes and cause falls and injury risks to riders.

IKEA Glass Dining Tables

The glass leaf extension on these tables can detach and fall without warning, posing a laceration risk to owners.

Lumber Liquidators Five-Gallon Buckets

The manufacturer failed to include required drowning warnings on these buckets. Small children can potentially fall into these buckets and drown.

These are just the products recalled in November of this year. Every day, the CPSC receives new information regarding recalled products, and consumers can find contact information for these manufacturers on the CPSC website. Any consumers who suffered injuries or other damages from recalled products should consult product liability attorneys to discuss their options for legal recourse.