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October Product Recalls 2019

Posted On 11/21/19 by Arizona Trial Attorneys

It is an unfortunate reality that many product manufacturers look out for their bottom lines more than consumer safety. Product manufacturers may allow defective, dangerous or low-quality products to slip through the cracks and make it into the hands and homes of consumers. Defective and dangerous products cause thousands of consumer injuries and deaths each year. Look out for items that made it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall list in October 2019 to keep yourself safe.


On October 3rd, two separate manufacturers recalled dressers for tip-over and entrapment hazards. The first was E&E, recalling its INK+IVY Renu three-drawer dresser. The company said the dresser is not stable unless anchored to the wall, posing a tip-over threat to children. The second was Ridgewood’s four-drawer Belmont dresser for the same reason. Combined, the recalls apply to over one million dressers in the U.S. and Canada.

Electric Scooters

A recall from fluidfreeride on October 4th stated that its Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooters were unfit for use due to a risk of the brake caliper failing. This defect could cause the rider to lose control of the electric scooter, potentially suffering serious fall injuries. At the time of the recall, the company had received 15 complaints of brake failures and 4 injuries. Injuries included lower back bruises, two bloody knees and a sprained ankle.

Harbor Freight Folding Knives

The Gordon brand folding knives sold at Harbor Freight are part of a recall after the store received seven reports of the knives failing to lock. A defective locking mechanism can cause the folding knife to extend without warning, leading to potential lacerations. Harbor Freight had learned of six laceration injuries, four of which required hospital visits, at the time it announced the recall.

Heat Pumps

It is that time of year – the time when manufacturers release new space heaters and heat pumps for the winter only to discover that many of them contain defects and pose fire hazards. One recalled heat pump sold by two different brands, Carrier and Bryant, has a fan motor that can fail, causing the heat pumps to overheat and potentially catch on fire. Carrier has received six reports of heat pumps catching on fire, but so far, no injuries.

Soft Plaay Playground Climbers

A potential fall hazard has led Spider Climb to recall its vertical playground climber with multi-level platforms. Spider Climb has recalled about 200 units for climbing platforms it designed too far apart, posing a fall hazard for children. Spider Climb has installed these units exclusively in McDonald’s Restaurant Play Places. The company has received reports of 37 fall accidents and 34 related injuries.

Gun Holsters

On October 22nd, 2019, Blackhawk recalled its T-Series black gun holster (L2C model) for its potential to change the position of a firearm’s safety switch while holstered. This could cause a firearm to unexpectedly go off if the owner pulls the trigger while expecting the safety to be on. So far, no consumers have reported any incidents involving the defect.

Keychain Power Banks

Michaels recalled about 14,000 units of a keychain mobile power bank with tassels due to a potential fire hazard. The Bead Landing tassel keychains have lithium-ion batteries that could overheat, posing burn and fire risks. The recall notice suggests consumers immediately stop using the recalled keychains and return them to Michaels for full refunds. Consumers have reported two incidents of the chargers overheating and catching on fire, with no injuries.

Lawn Mower Engines

Kawasaki has recalled about 1,100 units of its FT730V-EFI General Purpose Engines for lawn mowers due to a burn and fire hazard. The engines have high-pressure fuel lines that could suffer damage, posing a risk of a leak and related fires and burn injuries. Although Kawasaki has not received any reports of injuries, it is recommending consumers stop using the mowers with the recalled engines and contact a dealer for a free repair.

If a defective or dangerously designed product injures you in Arizona, contact a Phoenix product liability attorney about a potential claim.