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October Product Recalls

Posted On 11/15/18

Defective and dangerous products cause thousands of serious personal injuries each year. Despite manufacturers’ duty to properly test and inspect products prior to distribution, unsafe items make their way to shelves around the world. Dangerous products can cause burns, lacerations, strangulation, suffocation, and a variety of other injuries. If you or a loved one was injured due to a dangerous product, contact our personal injury lawyers in Phoenix. We may be able to help.

Before you begin your holiday gift shopping, check the most recent product recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for items to avoid. The following are a few highlights from the October product recalls list.

CFMOTO Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle

If you’re thinking about purchasing a recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) for someone adventurous on your Christmas list, avoid the CFMOTO 2018 ZFORCE 500 Trail and 2018 ZFORCE 1000 SSV models – or bring your vehicle in for repairs prior to driving. The recall warns consumers of a throttle pedal defect, in which the user can push the pedal past the stop, where it won’t return to the idle position. This causes accidents. The recall involves about 1,800 units. (See similar recall: Cub Cadet Challenger 400 utility vehicle for potential fire hazard.)

INNOCHEER Children’s Toy Musical Instrument Set

A recall due to hazardous levels of lead paint affects a children’s musical instrument toy set by INNOCHEER, sold exclusively on Amazon. The toy includes nine different types of instruments (18 pieces total) for children in a clear carrying case. Yellow paint on the maracas, xylophone, and trim on the case contain levels of lead that are potentially dangerous if ingested by young children. Consumers should take the set away from children immediately and return it for a full refund.

Schwinn Mountain Bicycles

Did you recently purchase a new Schwinn mountain bike from Walmart? The 2018 Schwinn Abbott Adult Men’s Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle made the recall list for a defective downtube. The downtube may crack during use, causing riders to fall. This can lead to serious injuries while biking. Customer complaints have involved related lacerations and abrasions. The recall affects around 17,600 units. (Related recalls: 2018 Canyon Spectral Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle and Shimano Lazer Brand bicycle helmets.)

Brookstone Wireless Speakers

The Brookstone Big Blue Party Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker is on recall for a potential fire hazard. The company has received at least 12 reports of the speaker catching fire, causing about $2,000 in property damage. The lithium-ion batteries in the wireless speaker may overheat and catch fire. The recall involves around 164,000 units. View the recall information sheet to find out how to obtain a refund.

Kikkerland Wireless Charger Bedside Pocket

Another piece of technology with a potential fire hazard is the Kikkerland Wireless Charger Bedside Pocket. The manufacturer recalled about 3,600 units after receiving three reports of smoke issuing from charger pockets. The charger pocket may overheat, posing a fire and burn risk to consumers. Although no one has yet reported any injuries from the product, it could potentially cause a serious house fire, as the item sits between the mattress and the bed frame.

Gold Inc. Eddie Bauer Fabric Infant Carrier

Gold Inc. recalled about 22,000 units of its Eddie Bauer Fabric Infant Carrier after at least eight reports of buckles on the carrier breaking, presenting a child fall hazard. Consumers who purchased this carrier may return their products for full refunds or replace the carrier for an approved item. Luckily, the defective product has not yet harmed any children. If you have this item, return or replace it immediately.

Burke Merge Metal Climbers

The Burke Merge Metal Climbers, a piece of playground equipment, is under recall due to a potential strangulation hazard. Climbers may become wedged in the handgrip openings at the top of the climbers, which are too large. If this occurs, the child may suffer strangulation. The recall affects about 200 units. The manufacturer recommends immediately removing the climbers and contacting the company for a free repair kit.