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Personal Injury Lawsuits Keep Us Safe

Posted On 04/13/16

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader recently wrote an article entitled Suing for Justice, Your lawsuits are good for America. Read Full Article

In this article, Mr. Nader describes how our system of tort law, the filing of lawsuits by injured people, has over the past 50 years helped to make us all safer by encouraging, and sometimes forcing, big businesses to do the right thing and adopt and comply with stricter and broader safety regulations. Lawsuits and the regulations they inspired have made the products we all use, such as cars, drugs, and food, safer.

In spite of these societal benefits, many states have recently reformed their tort laws to make it harder for injured people to sue and win. These changes are called “tort reform” and are publicized as helping to keep down the cost of doing business. And while this may be beneficial to the business community, it ends up hurting the rest of us who are at risk of losing the safety benefits provided by these lawsuits. Our tort system needs to be saved, and this thoughtful discussion by Mr. Nader is very enlightening.

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Author: Serena C. Montague
Publication Date: April 13, 2016