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Preventable Injuries to Disabled Airline Passengers

Posted On 10/03/12

There are rules in place that are meant to protect disabled passengers, but with pressure on their profits, U.S. Airlines typically contract with outside companies for wheelchair services at airports.  These contractors often provide inadequate training in how to lift an immobile passenger and pay low wages leading to high turnover and poor service.  Many passengers in wheelchairs report that the attendants are unfamiliar with the seat belts or the braking system on the wheelchair, causing them to be jarred, tossed or even worse.  Other disabled passengers report that they are deprived of mobility assistance, leaving them stranded for long periods of time and disrupting their travel plans.

A person who has been injured by an airport wheelchair attendant has a right to recover for these injuries.  Disabled passengers who have been discriminated against by an airline also have a right to recover.  This firm holds airlines responsible when they violate these rules.

If you have been injured in an airport because of the acts of a wheelchair attendant, there are several ways to hold the airline accountable. Under the Federal Air Carrier Access Act the Department of Transportation can assess a monetary penalty against the airline.  While that penalty is paid to the Department of Transportation, and not the disabled passengers, it is important to file an Air Carrier Access Act Claim as the first step to filing a personal injury lawsuit.  This claim must be filed soon after the injury. Passengers may also bring a personal injury lawsuit against the airline or mobility assistance provider to recover for their injuries.  We file claims against airlines on behalf of disabled passengers who have been injured during a flight or in the airport due to airlines negligence.

Examples of these claims include:

Failure of an airline to provide a wheelchair to a disabled passenger, causing injury

Failure of an airline to properly strap in or secure a disabled passenger when moving the passenger, causing a fall

Failure of an airline to assist a disabled passenger with their carry on luggage, resulting in injury

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of the negligence of airline or airport employees, please contact Begam & Marks.