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Recall of BMX Bike Helmets

Posted On 11/28/13

BMX biking has become an increasingly popular sport in Arizona, with competitions and races open to children and adults. Motocross cyclists like the thrill of navigating slopes and obstacles on the track and hitting high speeds on a good hill or steep curve. There may be different tracks available for BMX riders at every level, but wearing a good helmet is a standard requirement for everyone on every track.

Recently, Bell Sports Inc. voluntarily recalled more than 33,000 full-face BMX bike helmets in the United States and Canada after a serious defect in the chinstrap buckle was discovered that made them prone to fall off, particularly following an accident. Anyone with one of the defective helmets is encouraged to contact the company for a refund or safer replacement, since the faulty buckle poses a serious head injury hazard.

BMX motocross bicyclists often ride fast or attempt stunts that put them in danger of crashing or falling, but no one should suffer a serious injury because of failed equipment or gear. The same rule applies to any sport or recreational device. If you are injured because of a defective product or your child is harmed by an unsafe toy, you may be able to sue for damages under the product liability statutes in Arizona if you can demonstrate:

  • A manufacturing defect or
  • A design defect or
  • A failure to provide warning about a known hazard

Defective product cases can be challenging, since many parties may be involved in every stage of the process that brings a product from the drawing board to the shelf in a retail store. Begam & Marks can do a thorough investigation of the details in your case and make sure the compensation claim covers the full extent of your injuries.