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Remington Rifle Defect Made Public

Posted On 11/22/16

Public Justice, a national organization that advocates on behalf of the public safety issues, posted on its website on November 15, 2016 more than 125,000 documents that it obtained from the Remington Company [1]. Remington is a leading manufacturer of rifles, including the Remington Model 700, the most popular bolt-action rifle in America. The information contained in these documents proves that Remington has known for years that this gun, and other Remington rifles, has a defective trigger which can cause the gun to fire even when the user has not pulled the trigger. Not only has Remington known of this defect for many years, it has consistently denied this defect exists even while it hid the truth and continued to sell these rifles. As a result of this deception, hundreds of people have already been killed or seriously wounded, and millions more are at risk of future injuries.

Currently there are more than 7 Million Remington 700’s and other models with defective triggers that have been purchased by unsuspecting gun owners. Go to to see if your rifle has a defective trigger. If you own one of these rifles, you should stop using it immediately. There is a proposed class action, and you should immediately go to the website to review the terms and requirements.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a defective gun of any type, please call us to arrange for a free consultation. Not only are two partners in the firm, Stanley J. Marks and Richard P. Traulsen, on the board of directors of Public Justice, and thus can be credited with getting this warning out to the public, but they both have experience handling defective gun claims. They can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Author: Serena C. Montague
Publication Date: November 22, 2016