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September Product Recalls 2019

Posted On 10/01/19

A product recall means something is wrong with the item – something significant enough to potentially cause consumer injuries or deaths. The Consumer Product Safety Commission tries to protect consumers from defective and dangerous products by holding manufacturers to certain safety standards. It also warns consumers of defective products using its real-time product recall list. September’s additions to the recall list included children’s toys, lawnmowers, firearms and furniture. If you or a loved one were injured due to a defect product, speak with a product liability lawyer.

Beaufort Bonnet Knit Dolls

On September 3rd, the children’s toy company Beaufort Bonnet recalled about 4,500 units of its handmade knit dolls after one consumer discovered a sewing needle in the stuffing of a knit doll. The company is instructing consumers to immediately take the knit dolls away from children and contact Beaufort for a full refund via store gift card. The company has not received any reports of injuries, but hidden sewing needles could cause puncture wounds and other injuries.

Artizen Oils Essential Oils

Artizen Oils is recalling 6,000 bottles of its wintergreen and birch essential oils. The 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have a defect that breaches the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. The packaging may pose a hazard risk to children, who may be able to open the essential oils and drink the substance. The company will send a free child-resistant cap to consumers. Healing Solutions announced a similar recall for its wintergreen and birth essential oils in September as well.

John Deere Frontier Grooming Mowers

Although no consumers have reported injuries, John Deere has recalled its Frontier Flex-Wing Grooming Mower for a defect that could pose a serious entanglement risk to users. A manufacturing defect may affect the mower’s drivelines, preventing the safety shield from spinning properly. This could lead to entanglement of a user’s clothes or limbs during use. John Deere is recommending consumers stop using the mowers immediately and contact the company for free repairs.

Walker Edison Bunk Beds

If you purchased a Walker Edison Furniture children’s bunk bed, it may be part of the company’s latest recall. The recall impacts about 1,200 Twin Cottage bunk beds that could contain a fall hazard. The bunk beds have support beams that could break, potentially causing the beds to collapse. The company has received two reports of boards breaking, with no related injuries. It is telling customers to stop using the beds and to contact them for free replacement beds and installations.

DIANA Air Rifles

A serious defect with DIANA Stormrider Gen 2 Air Rifles could make the gun unexpectedly discharge, even with the safety on. This could lead to potentially fatal injuries. The gun has a two-stage adjustable trigger and comes in .177 and .22 calibers. DIANA received one report of this happening, with no related injuries or deaths. The company will send trigger upgrade repair kits and installation instructions to affected consumers.

Kichler Lighting Pendant Light

A potential fire risk caused Kichler Lighting to recall its Elan Shayla Mini Pendant Lights from the shelves. The fixture’s light sockets can overheat, potentially causing the lamp to overheat, melt or start a fire. The company has received 84 incident reports with no injuries or property damages. Known incidents have involved burnt light fixtures, sockets and three fires. The recall impacts about 750 units. Kichler is offering free replacement fixtures to consumers.

Home Meridian Chest of Drawers

The furniture company Home Meridian recalled about 640 Mid-Century 3-Drawer Accent Chests due to potential fall, injury and entrapment hazards for children. The chests fail to meet national performance requirements, which could make them dangerous – especially for kids. The chests can tip over and injure small children. The company has not yet received any reports of personal injuries. Home Meridian recommends owners stop using the chests unless they have anchored them to the wall. The company will send free tip-over prevention kits to homes, schedule free installations or issue full refunds.