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Spring Safety Tips

Posted On 04/12/19 by Arizona Trial Attorneys

Spring has arrived and millions of Americans are eager to take to the outdoors and enjoy warmer weather. Arizona residents get to enjoy one of the warmest climates in the country almost year-round, but our Phoenix injury lawyers know any seasonal change brings distinct safety risks. It is essential for everyone to know a few basic safety tips before setting out for outdoor excursions and vacations to prevent serious injuries and illnesses.

Vehicle Safety for Spring Travel

Many Americans enjoy road trips during the spring and early summer, but the colder weather can cause some issues with certain vehicles. Before you take to the road for a long trip, consider having your vehicle inspected and tuned up. Changing out fluids and “de-winterizing” a vehicle can help ensure smoother operation during the warmer months, potentially mitigating the risk of an accident due to a mechanical failure.

Hiking and Camping Safety

For those who enjoy the outdoors, proper safety precautions are an absolute must. Whether you plan to hike through the many mountain trails of Arizona or enjoy a quiet weekend in a wooded campsite, a few basic safety tips can help prevent or minimize injuries.

Bring Heat and Sun Protection

Sun exposure can do much more than just damage your skin; too much exposure can lead to sun poisoning or heatstroke, a potentially fatal medical condition. If you plan to spend any extended time in the sun this spring, be sure to bring water, sunscreen, and a cell phone you can use in case of an emergency.

Protect Against Insects

Some insects carry infectious diseases or cause serious medical conditions with their bites. Insect repellants can help protect individuals from bug bites with consistent reapplications, and mosquito netting can be very useful for protecting a campsite or tent from insects.

Have an Emergency Plan

If you plan to hike or camp in a remote area with limited or no cellular service, make sure someone knows where you are going before you leave. In the event you sustain an injury, someone should know where to look for you so emergency personnel can find you if needed.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

If you hike or camp in any park or remote location, pay close attention to signs warning of dangerous wildlife or natural hazards in the area. Never wander into any area in a national or state park marked as dangerous or closed to the public. You could not only sustain serious injuries but also incur legal penalties.

Good judgment and proper preparation can help prevent serious outdoor injuries during warmer weather. If you or a loved one sustained an injury while outdoors and believe another party bears liability for the incident, consult with a personal injury attorney about your potential recovery options and grounds for legal action.

General Warm Weather Safety Tips

Arizona has one of the warmest climates of any state in the U.S. Planning outdoor activities earlier in the day is usually best; the temperature can be anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the afternoon, limiting the risk of sun-related medical issues and injuries. Starting road trips earlier in the day is also advantageous as it not only means more comfortable driving weather but generally less traffic.

If you or a loved one have a medical condition that places you at higher risk of suffering heatstroke or other outdoor-related illness, be sure to consult with a doctor before partaking in potentially hazardous activities. Countless alternatives exist if an individual cannot safely engage in an outdoor activity, and it is always better to err on the side of caution.

While exploring hiking trails and outdoor areas, stay on designated paths and trails and make sure you have an emergency plan in case anyone in your party sustains injuries or develops a medical issue outside.