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Phoenix Surgical Error & Anesthesia Malpractice Attorney

Undergoing surgery is inherently frightening. But when a surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse, or other medical professional acts negligently and causes harm, the experience is even more traumatic.

As a personal injury firm for more than 50 years we are experienced in litigating difficult and complex cases, including those involving surgical error and anesthesia malpractice.  If you suspect that your surgery or that of a loved one involved either surgical error or anesthesia malpractice, we would invite you to call our Phoenix surgical error attorneys for a free initial consultation so that we may learn about your case.

Surgical Malpractice

Because surgery involves invasion of a person’s body with knives, needles, lasers, and other surgical tools, surgery involves risk of damage to structures in the body, from bones to internal organs, as well as risk that the body will react poorly to the surgery. However, consenting to surgery is not the equivalent to consenting to a substandard level of care by a surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse, or other healthcare provider.  When medical providers fail to meet or exceed the standard of care expected, they may be found liable for malpractice.

Surgical malpractice can include:

When a surgical error is fatal, we are available to represent the surviving spouse and family in a wrongful death action.

Anesthesia Errors and Malpractice

In significant surgical procedures, qualified anesthesiologists and other personnel may be required to be present at all times. In many operations, the patient’s oxygenation, ventilation, circulation, and temperature must be continually evaluated to ensure that all vital signs are normal. Failure to do so may be considered negligence and grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Anesthesia malpractice can include:

Preserving Evidence of Medical Injury

During surgical procedures, all anesthetic care and patient response must be documented. This record is essential for both medical and legal purposes. In a case involving possible malpractice, we will want to secure copies of all applicable medical records, and to enlist the assistance of a medical expert to review and provide an opinion concerning the level of treatment provided.

Seek Immediate Representation

If you were injured or lost a loved one because of a surgeon, anesthesiologist or other healthcare provider, you have limited time to act to preserve your claim.  Please call us today to learn more about your options and to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.