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Phoenix Brain Injury Attorney

Working Tenaciously to Fully Recover for Those Experiencing Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have experienced any kind of brain injury due to another’s negligent actions, the Phoenix brain injury lawyers at Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A. can help. Although the majority of brain injuries result in mild concussion, more severe injury can cause coma, amnesia, or even death. Serious brain injuries can impair and affect:

If you were injured in an accident that caused trauma to the head, seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of brain injury may not be noticeable for weeks or even months after an accident. Taking precautions can help minimize your chances of suffering from long-term side effects.

What You Should Know in a TBI Lawsuit 

If you have sustained a serious TBI injury, there are a number of aspects to be considered. Considerations in seeking full compensation including the following:

Making Your Case and Seeking Full Compensation

We retain medical, vocational, accident, and other experts as needed to make the full case for our long-lasting TBI clients.  TBI cases must be developed meticulously and painstakingly to demonstrate not only liability, but also the full impact on the victim and the victim’s family in order to obtain full compensation,

Defendants and their insurance companies who are often involved in TBI cases appreciate the sometimes enormous damages that are at stake.  In most cases, they will fight vigorously to oppose liability and damages in seeking to minimize their exposure.

In some cases, after we have established a clear and convincing case of liability, they may be willing to make a settlement offer. It is critical to fully analyze settlement offers. Offers that may appear to be appropriate at first prove to be wholly inadequate when carefully considered in light of the care, treatment, and continued suffering, over the course of a lifetime.

We Take Cases to Trial

Insurance companies know we are not a firm that seeks to settle cases prior to trial for inadequate compensation for our clients. Instead, they know that we can, and will, take our client’s case to trial if a fair settlement is not forthcoming. In our firm’s fifty plus years of representing clients, our Phoenix brain injury lawyers have achieved numerous significant settlements at trial when our opponents failed to offer a fair settlement.

Call Us to Find Out How We Can Help You and Your Family

We offer a free initial consultation, and there is no fee unless we recover compensation for you.  Once we learn about your case, we can explain how we can help. Our Phoenix brain injury lawyers will explain all legal options that are available.